Our process empowers innovations with 9 Billion potential, connecting them to global opportunities and investors with impact ambitions.

Welcome to 9BL: the innovation to social impact platform.

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Our Vision

A future where innovation enables every individual to live a full life within the limits of the earth.

What we do

The 9BL Machine

Part movement – part think tank – part investment platform – and all collaboration. We systematically identify innovations with big impact potential, approach them to become their impact partner and curate them for impact investors that are searching for deal flow of impact initiatives.

Current Innovation-to-Impact 
funding opportunities:

CeraMaji Water Filtration System: Impact 500,000+ people.  Provide clean water for 500,000 people living in East Africa slums. Learn more.

Kibera Electronic Medical Records Initiative: Initial impact for 1M people.  Improve access to health services for the urban poor in Kibera, the second largest slum area in Africa. Learn more.

The Challenge

If the entire world lived like today’s average American, it’s estimated we would need 5 planets to provide for 9 billion people. 

9 Billion Lives asks: “Where can breakthroughs occur to enable a dignified life for 9 billion people?”

How we do it

A Practical Approach

Our distinct systems approach to delivering impact has four stages. These elements form a powerful whole.



Imagine Boldly

Seed a collaborative movement
around the big 9BL vision.

Think Critically

Use the vision to identify and assess innovations with bold sustainability impact potential

Act Thoughtfully

Leverage our data to accelerate investment and funding, connecting funders to innovations.

Reflect to Learn

Review and assess all actions for effectiveness to serve as a basis for continual learning. 

Lens to Drive Impact

Drones are delivering critical medical supplies to rural areas in Rwanda. 

9 Billion Lives asks: “How can existing technologies be used to significantly impact the greater good?”

Who we are

Positioned to THINK & Act BIG

 We are a diverse team with decades of experience in both the innovation sector and in addressing sustainability on a global level.

brainstormingAbility to conceive and action results for transformational projects
chatCritical thinking and collaborative mindset to tackle complex challenges

tool-2Deep experience integrating innovation and sustainability, and financing and scaling innovation
networkExtensive global network of multi-disciplined leaders and thinkers from all walks of life

Our Experience Speaks for Itself: We have worked on  NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE, the U.N.’s Earth Summit 2002, and Student Energy, just to name a few. Learn more about our team.

Scaling for Impact

The time to act is now. In the next 40 years we’ll need to produce as much food as we have in the last 10,000.

[Source: McKinsey]

9 Billion Lives asks: “What other new innovations can deliver high-impact solutions to the world’s greatest challenges?”

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The Future is Now – What Will Your Impact Be?

We live in an era of unprecedented opportunity for positive change. There is no shortage of innovation and, arguably, no shortage of funding for innovation.Yet, existing innovations are not having the impact they could. 9BL will work collaboratively to identify and scale innovations for meaningful sustainability impact.

Help us empower innovation-to-impact.

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