9 Billion Lives is an impact enterprise working to systematically identify, scale and accelerate innovations with big impact potential to enable breakthrough change.




Our Vision

By 2040 there will be 9 BILLION people on the planet. We envision a future in which every individual can live a dignified life within the limits of the Earth.

9 Billion Lives

What we do

Imagine – Think – Act

We see the world through a 9 Billion Lens: analyzing practical pathways for big impact and connecting ideas, funding and people to ignite a better future for a world of 9 billion.

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Today we live in an era of boundless possibilities, and with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals there is global agreement to act. Global thinking can have local impact – what we call the ‘glocal’ approach. 9 Billion Lives is a new not-for-profit organization focused on combining positive thinking, rigorous analysis and thoughtful action to unleash bold solutions for a planet with 9 billion people.

The Challenge

If the entire world lived like today’s average American, it’s estimated we would need 5 planets to provide for 9 billion people. 

9 Billion Lives asks: “Where can breakthroughs occur to enable a dignified life for 9 billion people?”

How we do it

A Practical Approach


Spark Impactful Action

Our 9 Billion Vision inspires hope while our lens relentlessly asks ‘how can we create meaningful change for a planet with 9 billion people?’ No matter who, no matter where. 


Harness the Collective

We use unconventional thinking and tap into the diverse global mind to cross-pollinate ideas. Collaboration is key to our community.  At our core, we’re about BIG change. No tinkerers allowed.


Drive Insight

Our Insight Intelligence identifies the bold actions already underway, searches for opportunities to accelerate them, and systematically assesses the best pathways for true large-scale impact that will close the gaps.

Lens to Drive Impact

Drones are delivering critical medical supplies to rural areas in Rwanda. 

9 Billion Lives asks: “How can existing technologies be used to significantly impact the greater good?”

Who we are

Positioned to THINK & Act BIG

The 9BL  team is  group of believers, solutioneers and provocateurs that have:

brainstormingAbility to conceive and action results for transformational projects
chatCritical thinking and collaborative mindset to tackle complex challenges

tool-2Deep experience integrating innovation and sustainability, practically and effectively 
networkExtensive global network of multi-disciplined leaders and thinkers from all walks of life

Our Experience Speaks for Itself: We have worked on  NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE, the U.N.’s Earth Summit 2002, and Student Energy, just to name a few.

Scaling For Impact

The time to act is now. In the next 40 years we’ll need to produce as much food as we have in the last 10,000. 

[Source: McKinsey]

9 Billion Lives asks: “What other new innovations can deliver high-impact solutions to the world’s greatest challenges?”

Connect With Us

The Future is Now

Help us spread the word and identify the practical high impact pathways to propel big, positive, glocal change for 9 billion people. Connect with us to discuss how you can create a legacy of long-lasting impact, or to become part of our collaborative community tackling our Insight Intelligence work.

You can make a difference.

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