CeraMaji Water Filtration System

The CeraMaji is a household water filter for urban regions with limited access to clean water and sanitation, in particular slums and informal settlements. 

It is locally manufactured, decreasing the price point and creating local employment, trust and community buy in.

Impact Requirement: $100,000


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Low cost, high efficiency water filtration system that's locally manufactured for resource-limited settings. 

An estimated 1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water worldwide, with the largest burden of mortality and morbidity affecting children under 5 due to diarrheal disease. 

Rural Kenyan families spend significant resources locating, securing, and maintaining access to clean water. Reducing diarrheal disease starts at the home with a household level, point of use water filter.

The CeraMaji product addresses a critical pain point facing base-of-pyramid societies; without access to clean water. CeraMaji empowers individuals to invest in clean water and their own health, while supporting local economic growth and social infrastructure investment. Long-term operational sustainability will be achieved by integrating the CeraMaji social enterprise into the existing market.

To date, >25,000 filters, impacting approximately 140,000 people, have been produced and sold in regions both within and outside of Kenya. Filters have been rigorously tested and are successful in removing 99.99% of Giardia and coliform bacteria from local stream water.

Think Big. Be Bold. Drive Impact.

of deaths occurring in rural Kenya can be attributed to illnesses relating to unsafe drinking water and sanitation practices.

filters have been sold/distributed in regions both within and outside of Kenya.

"An initial investment of $100,000 will initiate a program to reach 500,000 to 1 million people living in East Africa with filters. It would be tremendous impact."
- Abdullah Saleh
Chief Executive Director | Innovative Canadians For Change (ICChange)

2 - 3 years 
is how long each filter provides drinkable water for a family of five.

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Help provide clean water for 500,000 people living in East African slums. Download our Innovation-to-Impact detail document to learn more about this impact opportunity and how you can help.
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