9 Billion Lives is focusing on empowering Innovation-to-Impact. Through the 9 Billion Lives platform, we are prioritizing the efficient frontier of impact investing and impact funding to enable people to invest in the world they want to see. 

Download our newest whitepaper "Empowering Innovation for Impact" to learn more about our mission and how to get involved. 


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The 9 Billion Manifesto

The 9 Billion Lives’ driving vision is a future where innovation enables every individual to live a full life within the limits of the earth. This is our Northern Star.

Our Vision sets a clear target for sustainability action.  

Every individual and organization can envisage where their operations fit – enabling the vision, or diverging from it. 

We are harnessing the power of those who have, for the benefit of those who need.
Download our manifesto to learn about:
  • The 3 main challenges contributing to the current impact crisis 
  • How the 9BL Innovation-to-Impact platform will address current challenges through a process of Imagine Boldly, Think Critically, Act Thoughtfully and Reflect to Learn
  • How we are converting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals’s into action
  • Meet the team with decades of experience in both the innovation sector and in addressing sustainability on a global level who will drive our success
  • How we are scaling for impact - our timelines, milestones and development road map

Think Big. Be Bold. Drive Impact.

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Join us in Empowering Innovation-to-Impact

There are five ways to mobilize with 9 Billion Lives:
  1. Review and fund Innovation-to-Impact as a 9BL Impact Funder
  2. Provide acceleration capital as part of our Founder’s Circle to enable 9BL to engage the many
  3. Take on the role of a 9BL Scout and feed innovations with 9 billion impact potential into our platform
  4. Beta test our platform as a 9BL Pioneer to accelerate deployment of innovations-for-impact
  5. Be a 9BL Ambassador for our platform and engage your network
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