Kibera Medical Records Initiative

Kibera, with one million people, is the second largest slum area in Africa. The EMR health program will be deployed first in the Kibera informal settlement (slum area) in Nairobi, and then applied exponentially at a national level throughout Kenya. 

The cloud-based EMR pilot has already been successfully validated and scale-up of the open platform has been approved by the Kenyan Ministry of Health for national deployment.

Impact Requirement: $250,000

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A secure Electronic Medical Record (EMR) health program that creates a protected medical identity for individuals. 

Secure and portable, an Electronic Health Record (EHR) is shareable within a live Geographic Information System (GIS), informing environmental and health realities in the area. It is built on the OpenMRS platform and includes functionalities like primary care and GIS customization.

Lack of access to and referral within an affordable high-quality healthcare network does not exist in the world’s slum areas. This results in medical care that is higher-cost, time-consuming and not synchronized.

a) Development of a referral network between high quality health facilities leading to improved utilization of local health services, cost savings and decreased repeat investigations and misdiagnoses;
b) Empowerment
 of patients, making them the focus, providing access to a network of health facilities;
c) Understanding 
of the physical environment and local health context of users
d) Facilitating risk stratified and risk aggregated health insurance strategies through a more comprehensive understanding of disease epidemiology

Think Big. Be Bold. Drive Impact.

ICChange is striving for 2 million system users in 3 years and >10 million within 5 years.


partner clinics (100,000 patient visits/year) have been piloted to date in the Kibera slum area in Nairobi. Others are currently being evaluated.

people can be reached within a 5 sq km in Kenya's informal settlements.

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Improve access to health services for the urban poor in Kibera, the second largest slum area in Africa. Download our Innovation-to-Impact detail document to learn more about this impact opportunity and how you can help.
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