Purpose Built Team

Our core team has decades of experience taking innovations to scale and in addressing sustainability on a global level.

Eric Beynon 
Founder and Chief Impact Officer

Principal architect of the $20mm NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE competition reimagining CO2. As the second largest XPRIZE competition ever launched , the Carbon XPRIZE is catalyzing global innovation and kick-starting a new industry turning CO2 from waste into asset. Many of the learnings from the Carbon XPRIZE have been applied to 9BL: from the power of a big narrative and the importance of articulating clear and concise challenges, to effectively mobilizing funding for bold initiatives.


Steve Murgatroyd   
Strategic Counsel

CEO and academic at intersection of
technology and sustainability. Founded several companies, incl. world’s first online MBA.

Tom Ogaranko  
Technology & Insight

Entrepreneur with 30+ years experience
investing, managing technology innovation,
founding companies and supporting start-ups.

Leah Andrew   
Brand & Marketing Strategy

20+ years experience communicating
authentic stories for our digital world across
multiple industries

Abdullah Saleh, MD  
Innovation-to-Impact Entrepreneur

General Surgeon with proven successes
improving access to medical services and
surgery in remote settings using technology.


Michael Cahén    
Non-Executive Chairman

30+ years experience building, buying and
selling companies globally. Chairman of
CHIMP: Charitable Impact Foundation.

Joakim de Leeuw  
Impact Jams

Lawyer turned digital innovation specialist
with 20+ years experience. Obsessed with advancing next generation internet solutions.

Carissa Consoli   
Community Engagement

Innovation ecosystem activist focused on
creating and scaling events for meaningful engagement and impact.

Aliyah Khondker    
Data & Operations Specialist

Advocate for change, simplicity, innovation and efficient operations, always focused on sustainability and purpose.


Partners and Sponsors

Thank you to the following partners and sponsors for supporting our bold vision in empowering innovation-to-impact.