What We Do

The 9BL Machine

Part movement – part think tank – part investment platform – and all collaboration. We systematically identify innovations with big impact potential, approach them to become their impact partner and curate them for impact investors that are searching for deal flow of impact initiatives.

Current Innovation-to-Impact 
funding opportunities:

CeraMaji Water Filtration System: Impact 500,000+ people.  Provide clean water for 500,000 people living in East Africa slums. Learn more.

Kibera Electronic Medical Records Initiative: Initial impact for 1M people.  Improve access to health services for the urban poor in Kibera, the second largest slum area in Africa. Learn more.

Carbon-to-Value Fund: Accelerating the Carbon-to-Value technology sector. An investment Fund focused explicitly on quickening the path to scaled CO2 reductions AND delivering returns. Learn more.